Are you a Queens College Sociology major? Can you imagine doing Sociology as a career? Did you ace Social Statistics and Research Methods?

If you answered yes, then our BA/MA program in Sociology and Data Analytics and Applied Social Research* has been designed especially for you–our most interested and motivated undergraduate students.

Yes, there are great jobs you can get with a Sociology degree, especially when you also have the power of data at your fingertips. Currently, about half of our MA alumni are Queens College undergraduates. Today, they are successful research and analytics professionals. You can be, too.

Our BA/MA program allows you to get started on your graduate work while you’re still an undergraduate. You’ll spend an extra academic year with us, taking advanced courses and getting extra training, mentoring, and nurturing. When you’re done, we’ll send you out into the world with  in-demand data and research skills or help you take that next step to a doctoral program.

*Pending state approval of the new program.