Students are required to have completed a basic statistics and a basic research methods course with grades of B+ or better before beginning advanced graduate work in analytics and research methods, respectively.

Students who have not yet taken these courses will still be considered for admission and will be required to take these courses when they enroll:

DATA/SOC 205. Social Statistics I.

6 hr. lec./lab; 4 cr. Introduction to descriptive, inferential, bivariate, and multivariate statistical techniques to analyze social science data. In the statistics lab, students learn how to generate and interpret output produced by a standard statistical computer package. Lab exercises are used to reinforce the meaning of the statistics and how they behave.

DATA/SOC 212W. Methods of Social Research.

4 hr. lec, 4 hr. lab or fieldwork; 4 cr. Prereq.: SOC 101, DATA/SOC 235, or equivalent. A study of various methods of social research, which emphasizes the hands-on experience of conducting research, with a focus on data collection and analysis.